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In business, active participation yields success.


Who are we?

Longfields Business Circle is spearheaded by Luke Broadley, a Suffolk-based businessman and owner of Longfield Risk Solutions Ltd, an insurance brokerage specialising in local businesses. Luke observed firsthand the challenges faced by independent businesses during the lockdown, particularly in terms of insufficient support and infrastructure. He identified that improved communication channels among business owners and professionals could not only have prevented numerous closures but also strengthened operational resilience. Additionally, Luke emphasised the potential efficacy of increased collaboration among local businesses and access to expert advice, underlining the considerable positive impact such measures could exert on the broader local business community in East Anglia. The lockdowns have underscored the imperative for heightened the value of local businesses to the consumer, collaboration among local businesses and emphasising the concurrent necessity for accessible information and support.

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The Circle’s Main Priorities:

How can we help you?

Our vision is straightforward yet transformative - to foster active collaboration, champion local businesses, and connect directly with end consumers. Longfields Circle assists businesses in the following ways:


Experience one of the most critical elements of The Circle as a member, enjoying collaborative efforts, purchasing from fellow members, and organically recommending services within the group. The Circle facilitates introductions and hosts events tailored to specific sectors and needs.

Events and New Business Introductions

Facilitation of connections within the group to explore potential business partnerships.

Showcase Your Business

Our marketing experts ensure your business story reaches your target consumers, unlocking unprecedented visibility and engagement.


Exclusive access to a panel of seasoned professionals offering expert articles on diverse and topical subjects. From accountants and lawyers to marketing gurus and business coaches etc, gain invaluable insights to propel your business forward.

Reinforcing Local Reliance

Emphasising the vital role local businesses play in community resilience, our articles educate consumers about the importance of buying local. Our unique approach ensures consumers not only consider to buy from local businesses but become advocates for the local independent business community.


We are offering the first 3 months membership for free of charge, to give you an opportunity to experience being part of The Longfields Circle, as a fellow business person, with no obligation to continue membership thereon after.

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